About Bugwise Pest Control

Bugwise Pest Control is a fully accredited, family run pest control firm based in Romford, Essex and operating throughout London, Essex and Kent,

We  provide pest control for domestic, commercial and Local Authorities.

All our technicians are fully trained to accreditation standards and we maintain our standards by complying with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme see here.

This is a long way of saying we don’t just train once and then forget about it. It means we keep all our training and skills up to date with regular refresher courses and we follow the accreditation CPD requirements to the letter.

We provide management and control of all pests.

We do not provide a one-size-fits-all service, each customer’s needs are unique, so we develop tailor-made programs for each customer, along with a detailed quote.

Please call us or email us here and we will arrange for a site visit as soon as possible.

Proof we are fit for the fight

Bugwise is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) – the trade body for the pest management industry in the UK.

Our members logo is earned and we’re proud to display it because membership is a sign of professionalism and a mark of quality.

BPCA promotes best practice and being part of the organisation provides independent proof that we’re committed to excellence in every part of our business.

We are Full Servicing Members of BPCA.

What our BPCA membership means for our customers

Membership is recognition of our expertise.

It shows we abide by industry Codes of Conduct and Practice and pass regular audits against British Standard EN 16636 – the benchmark of quality for pest management operators across Europe.

Membership also confirms that we’re able to provide detailed advice on pest prevention measures and will carry out a proper survey before starting any work.

It’s evidence that we protect staff, customers and members of the public through risk and COSHH assessments, it means we only employ technicians who meet or exceed the industry standard qualifications and shows that we’re committed to Continuous Professional Development.

Being part of BPCA also confirms that we hold the proper insurances.

Our membership also gives us access to technical support, business guidance and help with documentation and legislation – which means we’re always ahead of the game.

In short, it’s independent affirmation that our customers will be protected professionally – and that we’re fit for the fight!

You can always check our membership status at bpca.org.uk/check

Who are BPCA?

BPCA represents organisations with a professional interest in the management of public health pests to provide safe and healthy environments.

It’s the role of the Association to:

  • Highlight the risks of inadequate control
  • Offer guidance in what to look for when searching for a pest control contractor
  • Provide general pest advice and guidance documentation
  • Provide advice on how to select an appropriate pest control professional.

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