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Urbanites sometimes sense that pigeons and squirrels have overtaken their city. Squirrels in particular breed rapidly, spread ubiquitously, and constantly snatch up acorns and nuts — scampering across any fence or rooftop to do so.

The real problem arises when one or more squirrels makes its way indoors. They live so closely alongside people, it only takes an open window or a bit of rotting plywood for a new resident in your residence. At this point, your walls, attic, or basement needs to be reclaimed — typically via an experienced exterminator who can handle the intruder in the least destructive way possible.

Squirrel Habitats
Squirrels build elaborate nests in the topmost branches of tall trees. They hide out and raise their babies in these brambly structures, and sometimes within the hollow cavities of the tree itself.

Squirrel Patterns
Squirrel routines revolve around their food scavenge. In the warmer months they gather hoards of edible bits, and stuff it all away for the winter  You’ll see them busily running across lawns and gardens and then darting back into their trees. Squirrels have learned to adapt to a range of climates, surviving frigid winters in both rural and urban environments.

How serious are squirrels?
Squirrels aren’t particularly aggressive — but they can grow numerous and cause mischief. If backed into a corner they WILL lash out and retaliate. Chief concerns include:

  • Damage to homes: As they look for warm spaces to nest, squirrels will take advantage of any loose roofing, and chew their way through wood, siding, and sheetrock to gain entry. The damage can range from minor to severe — and becomes much worse should they begin to multiply.
  • Fire hazards: Because they chew through nearly anything they come in contact with, like other rodents, they’re prone to gnaw on wires and cables. The exposed electrical cables could present a serious fire hazard if left un-repaired.
  • Noise: If a squirrel has made its way into your home, you’ll almost certainly hear it. They move loudly through interior spaces, difficult to catch and often violent when captured or handled.
  • Digging up lawns and gardens: Squirrels will dig holes anywhere! Any vegetation serves as an open invitation to deposit their acorns or other food — and that other food might include produce from your own trees or garden.
  • Tree destruction: Any delicate trees or plant life could potentially be stripped, gnawed, broken, or dug up by a restless squirrel and its posse.

How do I get rid of squirrels?
Our specialist understand where and how squirrels are accessing your home — and we know how to get them out. Wherever they may be trying to nest, our team will assess the situation and recommend the best method for eradication. Additionally, once the problem is removed, we’ll provide extensive tips and suggestions for avoiding infestations in the future — including advice on how to deal with their original point of entry and fortify your home against them.


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