Domestic Pest Control


With our domestic pest control services we aim to help our customers keep pest activity to absolute minimum, using methods that are environmentally friendly. One of our biggest concerns is ensuring all people, animals and the environment are unharmed. Residual formulations are applied to affected areas which may include carpets, rugs, tiles and wooded flooring and ceilings spaces. The products we use are engineered to deal with the heaviest pest infestations while still remaining safe to use around humans and pets.

Service Process 

Step 1: Inspection 

On arrival, your technician will introduce themselves and confirm with you the purpose of today's visit. A comprehensive inspection of the property will be carried out and include:

  • Identification and confirmation of the pest(s) for treatment
  • Determination of harbourage and breeding sites; this could include primary and secondary locations.
  • Risk assessment of environmental factors
  • The detection or evidence of any additional pest activity for attention
  • On completion, they will inform you of their findings and provide you with their recommendation(s) for the best course of action to resolve your concerns
Step 2: Treatment 

Your technician is a pest control professional, fully trained in the application and handling of pesticides and insecticides teamed with the best practices for pest management.

A combination of methods and products may be used to ensure we provide the best outcomes for your family your home and your lifestyle.

Based on the inspection assessment, your treatment may be quite localised and contained to harbourage and breeding areas.

Where multiple locations are found, or the infestation is extensive, a broader treatment may be required.

In some cases, a follow-up visit may be needed so your technician can carefully monitor and measure the progress. We want to ensure you get the best possible outcome, so any follow up visit required would be discussed with you.

Step 3: Completion

Your technician will provide you with documentation outlining the visit and go through it with you covering what treatment has been carried out and advising you of any follow-up recommendations. They will outline the warranty coverage provided for your service and talk to you about what you can expect to see over the coming days and weeks.

This is a good time to ask any additional questions you might have on anything that has come up or been discussed during your visit. They are always happy to share information with you and provide any additional advice or tips.

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