Mole Trapping

Mole Trapping & Removal

What They Look Like
You will note their furry, 12 to 20 cm grey-brown bodies. Most exhibit slender, pointed noses and large, scoop-shaped feet that differentiate them from mice and voles.

Why they are trouble?
Those small, burrowing mammals spend a large portion of their lives underground, and love to decimate lawns. Their presence spells ongoing trouble for homeowners — sometimes inflicting thousands of dollars in yard damage with their digging, tunnelling, and dirt mounds.

Because they prefer to burrow through loose, moist soil, these pests occupy woodlands, meadows, forests, pastures, and fields, along with urban settings like parks, cemeteries, and gardens.

Moles are vicarious. They will eat plants and seeds, but prefer protein-rich worms, grubs, and slugs in a daily quantity equal to their own bodyweight.

Life Cycle and Reproduction
Moles live for four to six years and give birth to litters of three to five pups every March or April. The young stay with their mothers for 10 months until fully grown to avoid the coyotes, dogs, badgers, and skunks that prey on them.

Problems Caused by Moles
Moles damage hedges and sidewalks as they tear through lawns, flowerbeds, and shallow foundations. Dead patches of lawn are a clear giveaway. Because mice and voles move into moles’ old burrows, moles increase your yard’s overall pest presence.

Detection and Signs of Infestation
You will see raised dirt mounds, dry patches of grass or plants, but seldom the moles themselves. They rarely linger above ground.

Tips for Avoiding Moles
Healthy lawns reduce the likelihood of grub infestations, which frequently leads to a yard overrun with moles. Add castor oil plants and soil as a mole repellent, and feel free to let your dogs and cats have their way with them.

Control and Removal
For mole trapping and removal, consult the experts at Bugwise. We will make quick work of the infestation. Unlike other mammals, moles require stronger chemical repellents that should not be handled without supervision.

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